Top 10 Characteristics of a Successful Leader

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Follow these ten simple steps and you will be able to attract people to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS because of your inspirational leadership skills!

Leadership plays an important role in one's life. If you are a business owner you need to be a leader in the field of your business. To be a successful leader, one must demonstrates some or all of the following characteristics:

The first characteristic of a competent leader is the ability to listen to other people. Many leaders do too much talking and sometimes ignore the needs of others from what they say which leads to negativity and incompetence. A leader has to stand up and talk but too much talking and not enough listening will drive pre-alphas and aspiring leaders who are prospects for your home based business away from it. A leader is responsible for everyone and a successful leader knows how to listen to and take care of peoples' concerns. When you listen to people and take care of their needs they will gain your respect and they will want to become your business partner or associate.

The second characteristic of a successful leader is the ability to acknowledge and change: This is probably the hardest part to do. People often refuse to change. They believe their services or products are the best, which, there's nothing wrong with that. But when there are feedbacks coming from customers or future leaders in your business you have to listen, then acknowledge them and make changes to provide better customer service or relationships with your partners. Along your journey in your personal and professional lives you will have to also make changes in your strategy and have an open mind to help cater to your business partners or customers because they are the ones who will keep your business alive through their interests. Also when times changes strategies need to be twirked as well to keep up with modern times and a successful leader will be open to change in order to stay number one as time goes on.

The third characteristic of a successful leader is the ability to form one-on-one relationships with your future business associates or customers. If you develop a trusting relationship over time you will develop a strong trust between your associates and customers and this will keep them loyal to you and your business and you will develop a long-lasting friendship.

The fourth characteristic of a successful leader is that a leader surrounds himself or herself around like-minded or positive people. Remember that you are an average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Leaders surround themselves with other leaders or people who want to become leaders in their business because they want to learn and grow in positive leadership or teach others to become successful leaders and positive influences in their business. Leaders toss out negativity and help people who are negative try to become positive and put them around them positive leaders to try and get them to change for the better and if they are not becoming positive they do not get them involved in their potential success because it will only bring it down.

The fifth characteristic of a successful leader the ability to know yourself: It is very important to know what you're best at, and what are your weaknesses. A business is a team sport and a leader must develop a team chemistry in their business and make sure that everyone respects each other or else the team will not function properly and as a result the business or organization will not be successful. Often one cannot handle all the aspects of a business. Leaders need to know when to seek for assistance and delegate tasks in their business to the appropriate people who are the best for each position. There's no shame on that because a leader needs followers to support his organization and a true leader will help those followers become leaders if they want to become a faithful and inspiring leader themselves.

The sixth characteristic of a successful leader is that they refuse to let other people dictate how they should do certain things. We are not living under someone else's shadow. We must take control and ownership of our lives and careers and never let go. A leader has a vision and a dream and will capitalize on every opportunity he or she has to fulfill that vision. A leader will never let anyone bring them or their team members or customers down and they will continue to motivate their subordinates and themselves to never give up and to do what it takes to continue to live out their vision and accomplish their dreams until they come true. A true leader will not let anyone stop them or hinder them from them success and they learn how to manage the biggest distractions.

The seventh characteristic of a successful leader is the ability to communicate: Communication is important. Even if you are running a home online business and you use email as a communication channel. Down the road, you might want to do a video to promote your company. You might receive TV interviews. It's never too late to practice your presentation and communication skills. Successful leaders always make sure that everyone involved or who will be involved in their business are well informed about everything that is going on in their business and makes sure that everyone is on the same page and getting their tasks done or continuously learning and understanding what it takes to become a successful business leader or individual person. A leader should also never be afraid or out of reach in order to help somebody with a simple task or for a way for them to improve their lives or get to their ultimate goals.

The eighth characteristic of a successful leader is that successful people display high levels of optimism and confidence. They believe in themselves and they are not afraid of failures. They see every obstacle as a stepping-stone to their success. They turn challenges into motivators and become their advantages. They also teach these same philosophies to their subordinates and they have faith and confidence in them as well. If someone does not have confidence in their partners and followers they will never get anywhere because of a lack of trust that will push morale very low and people will not perform their tasks well or they will end up giving up and the organization or business will fail. A true leader will have confidence in every person in the business and everyone will work as a team and trust one another and in the end everyone will all work harder and smarter together in order to accomplish their goals.

The ninth characteristic of a successful leader is that they have passion for what they do. If someone doesn’t like what they do they will not be happy and perform poorly and as a result it will seep down through the business and then everyone else will lose passion and eventually the organization will fail. A leader must love what they do and demonstrate that to everyone else and that will motivate everyone to love their jobs. The more passionate that a leader is, the more they will practice and spend time at what they love in order to become better and eventually the best. This passion and time spent on practice will help the organization or your own business expand and become the best.

The tenth characteristic is that people who are successful are the ones who develop high levels of patience and dedication to see the results. They continue to practice as much as they can and do not try to rush the results. A leader is willing to do what ever it takes in order to practice and become better everyday. They also understand that success does not happen overnight and that it might take time and failed tries before they begin to see success. The key is that the most successful people practice everyday and never give up! The people who give up will never be successful because they will never continue towards their success when they give up! Tiger Woods is a human being just like the rest of us. The reason why he is rich and successful is because he stood at the head of the pack by practicing all the time until he did become number one and not letting the bad days bring him down even if it took a very long string of bad days in order for the good day to come around. Tiger Woods is the most successful because he is the most passionate about what he does and practiced more than any of his other peers because he was the most determined to be the best. You can become the best as well if you determine to practice and continue to do so until you know you are the best. The one who practices the most and is the most passionate is usually going to be the best.

Follow these concepts and you will be a successful leader!

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